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Packing to move to a new house is one of the more time consuming parts of the home ownership process. If not organized and laid out effectively, packing for a house move can be exceptionally draining, both mentally and physically. Another drawback to packing ineffectively is that the actual process of wrapping and packing your household goods could end up taking several days, perhaps longer than two weeks.

Time saving house packing tips and advice

On the flip side, it could take you just as long to unpack if you don’t start out packing o move to a new house a good way. Here are some tips that can save you time and energy when it comes time to pack and move to a new house.

  • Schedule time to pack – If you only pack when the mood hits you or if you pack while you’re feeling rushed, you could start to fall behind. That may lead you to start tossing things inside the first box that you see.
  • Start packing early – Give yourself two to three weeks to pack. You may need an additional week or two if the house that you’re moving out of is large.
  • Wrap delicate household items – Use bubble wrap or paper to protect delicate glass, ceramic, china and porcelain products.Also, wrap computers, laptops and television monitors. Basically, wrap and protect all items that could easily break if they were dropped or if another item kept pressing against them while they were packed tightly inside a box.
  • Leave room – To piggy back on the above tip,leave enough room between delicate household items to keep them from smashing into each other and breaking, bending or getting scratched.
  • Label properly – Pay attention to how you label boxes. Use a dark, thick marker to label boxes with. Save yourself the hassle of typing up box labels. Pack similar items together and label one to two sides of each large box. This makes it easy for you to find what you’re looking for.
  • Toss items – Get rid of items that you never use.
  • Loading moving trucks – Load boxes on moving trucks by room. For example, load bedroom boxes together.
  • Get insurance – Whether you pack and move to your new home yourself or hire a professional mover, consider insuring valuables.

Important house packing points to remember

You will have plenty to take care after you finalize your mortgage, closing and home ownership paperwork. As tempting as it might be, avoid dumping small household items into a bag or a box. It will help to keep your valuables from breaking. It will also make it easier for you to find important items after you arrive at your new home.

In fact, packing the right way pays off even if you hire professional movers to haul your furniture, appliances and other household goods to your new home. Another point to remember should you hire professional movers is to let the movers know how you want items categorized and boxed. Again, this saves you time on the back end, when you start to actually move into your new house. The less time that professional movers spend packing and unpacking your household goods the more money you save on the move.